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Some of my writings and published works.  My desire is to share what I have learned over the course of my life as well as information acquired through researching various hobbies.  Enjoy.

Peace In the Midst of Grief and Loss

In the midst of parenting our four adopted children, we also experienced the tragic death of a child.  Quite frankly, as we groped about trying to cope with what seemed like an excessive amount of trauma and loss in our lives, we often found ourselves feeling very much alone.  We found that the depth of our trauma made others very uncomfortable and it was extremely difficult to find others who could relate or give counsel to us and our unique situation. We wished for a resource just like the one we are creating and sharing with you now. 


Click the Image on the right if you would like to read the PDF file.

Feel free to share it with those who you think can be helped with it's message.  

Peace in the Midst Of...

Our surname comes with a family motto, “Pax in Bello.”  Translated it essentially means, “Peace in the midst of Strife.” It is our desire to not only be at peace in the midst of the various trials life has for us, but to thrive in the midst of them.  In our efforts to do this we have encountered what seems like a unique set of problems that required us to grow and learn.  It is our hope that, in passing on what we have learned, others will have an easier time. 


Click the Image on the left if you would like to read the PDF.  

You can also find the title on as a Kindle e-book.

Peace in the Midst of Launching Young Folk into Adulthood.

After finally figuring out how to help our children thrive in childhood, we find ourselves facing another mountain that has to be climbed.  Now that two of our sons are in their late teens and are technically adults, they are finding it very difficult to really launch into adulthood.  We share some of the things we have learned and how we are helping to prepare our teens to succesfully launch into adulthood.  But it is NOT as easy as it seems!  


Click the Image on the left if you would like to read the PDF file.

Feel free to print it out for further study and discussion (esp. the poster-like page).

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